Former American Idol contestant and his friends sing “The Prayer” beautifully

It all started with a musical version of “Les Miserables.” David Archuleta was only 6 years old, but it captured his imagination and this was the first step toward a career in music. At the tender age of 12, he was on the TV talent show “Star Search,” taking home the Junior Vocal Champion prize. In 2008, when he was all of 17, Archuleta was a contender on “American Idol.” He came in second place, which is still pretty darn good. In fact, he’s been quite a success ever since, releasing both albums and singles. After taking time off to serve as a missionary in Chile for the Mormon Church, Archuleta is back on the musical scene.

“The Prayer” is an absolutely beautiful duet that was composed for the 1998 movie “Quest for Camelot.” The movie may not be that well known today, but the song has become a huge hit, in no small measure thanks to a version recorded by Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli. In that one, he sings in Italian while she replies with the English translation

In 2015, David Archuleta and his friend Nathan Pacheco, also a singer and songwriter, decided it was time to record their own interpretation of “The Prayer.” As Archuleta recalled, “More than 2,000 years ago, God sent Jesus Christ, our Savior. In celebration of the Christmas season, Nathan and I recorded ‘The Prayer.'” They gave their music video a simple but very effective setting: a home bedecked with garlands, candles, and other Christmas decorations. The instrumentation is also simple but effective: Eru Matsumoto on cello and Leo-Z at the piano. Pacheco sings his side of the duet in Spanish while Archuleta replies with the English translation.

Check out the music video of this beautiful and touching version of “The Prayer” that we’ve posted for you below. It may remind you of how important family is and have you thinking of everyone who can’t be with you this Christmas. We’d love to hear your thoughts in the Facebook comments. Don’t forget to like and share!