Former Daily Show Host Jon Stewart And Wife Tracey Are About To Save A TON Of Animals

Jon and Tracey Stewart have always dreamed of having a sanctuary for abused animals, stray cats and dogs, and rescued creatures from factory farms. Now, they’re teaming up with Farm Sanctuary, an organization that has been supporting animal rights for decades.

The Stewarts will turn their 12 acre farm in Middletown, New Jersey into a safe haven for animals in need. Having purchased the farm with this exact idea in mind, the Stewarts are overjoyed to see their dreams becoming reality.

This will be Farm Sanctuary’s fourth haven, with others in upstate New York, northern California, and another in southern California.

The Former Daily Show host and his wife Tracey bought the farm in 2013, and last April they announced plans to create an animal refuge, even before they partnered with Farm Sanctuary. Currently, the couple have four pigs on their land, two of which were rescued after they fell off a truck and were left, injured, on the side of the road.

Tracey is a long-time vegetarian, while Jon has just recently–sort of–announced he was giving up meat. “He’s nervous about saying it publicly because he doesn’t want to mess up,” Tracey told the New York Times.”But he really is trying to figure out what vegetarian food he likes and I’m helping him with that.”

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