Former Pussycat Doll Sings Phantom of the Opera?! You’re not going to believe your ears!

Pop stars get a bad rep these days. With many of them using auto-tune to tighten up their vocals on songs written by other people, or being caught lip-syncing during a supposed “live” performance it can often leave fans angry and upset. So, when former Pussycat Doll, actress and television personality Nicole Scherzinger decided to sing the title track to Phantom of the Opera live on stage, the audience held its collective breath.

Complete with four popular phantoms, Scherzinger is introduced by Lloyd Webber himself, before coming under the scrutiny of everybody watching at home and in the theatre. The pressure is on. Can she deliver an epic rendition of the famous tune – or will she fall flat on her face? It certainly was a gutsy move from the pop star.

Yet fans needn’t have worried, as Nicole fearlessly nails every note, and more than steps into the shoes of Sarah Brightman – who had originally made the number her own when the musical debuted in the 1980’s. It isn’t an easy song to sing and usually demands that a trained opera vocalist is at the helm – considering it stands or falls on the performance of whoever is playing the lead role of Christine Daaé.

Nicole does it with aplomb. Flanked by her four phantoms, she dominates centre stage in a beautiful, sparkling gown, surrounded by candelabras and ankle deep in misty dry ice for a mysterious effect. And with the famous Phantom of the Opera mask looking down from the back of the set, Scherzinger does Andrew Lloyd Webber proud, winning over a new set of fans in the process. Pop stars aren’t supposed to be able to sing like this!

With fans calling the performance “amazing,” and others questioning why she still sings pop music with a voice like this, we’d be inclined to agree. Nicole certainly has a potential career on Broadway should she choose it, with many doors opening just having demonstrated her stunning and hidden talent here. Now the world knows, it’s only a matter of time before her musical theatre career soars.

And indeed, it did – as she debuted in the musical revival of Cats not long after. It’s amazing what you can achieve when you prove to Andrew Lloyd Webber you can sing in Phantom of the Opera! Watch the video and see what you think – but we defy you not to be blown away by Nichole’s talent.