FORVER HOME: Poor homeless Pup Won’t Let Anyone Touch Him, RESCUERS Show Him What LOVE Means!

Dogs are such trusting creatures but when they are dealt a hard hand in life, they become wary of people for fear of abuse. This dog was reported in and Hope for Paws came to the rescue. California has many stray and abused dogs that wander the streets and they always try to help the canines to get loving homes of their own.

When they reached the scene, which was an elementary school, the team noticed the dog sleeping in the lawns. They were told that the dog would always be alert, raising its head if anyone approached it. They closed the gates as a precautionary measure and then they tried their luck in getting closer while it was still asleep.

Once they were close enough, Eldad managed to gently place a snare around him. The dog, which they named Seymour panicked and tried to get away. Jaime tried to give him food to calm him down and win his trust, but it took time as the dog was skittish and wary of being in a snare.

However, soon the lucky leash was placed around him and Jaime managed to pick him up and snuggle him. He was soon taken to the shelter where he was given a nice bath after which he was fostered. He is now in a loving home of his own and as you can see in the video, he is happy and over the moon!!

I love such stories, because they have happy endings. Even for an abandoned dog that had no chance for finding a loving home of his own, he was given a second chance. We should try to keep an eye out for dogs that need our help. Who knows, they could come to our help one day. What did you think of the video? Write in and let us know!

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