1,445 days in foster care; Girl finally adopted by 2nd-grade teacher

Kids, spending most of their childhood in foster care, miss an essential thing in a person’s life – a kind family. If such a kid gets the love and care of a family from a kind-hearted soul at an early stage, there can be nothing more fortunate than this.

Loralie Henry, a 9-year-old girl, spent 1,445 days in foster care. However, her days changed for the better when she was adopted by her 2nd-grade teacher. Exceptionally few children will be able to know as well as Loralie how it feels to find someone who can love them and care for them like their own family.

Loralie was one of those kids who had to spend more days in foster care due to the several delays caused by the recent global pandemic. Loralie got into foster care when she was 4-year-old. However, a year later, she returned to her biological mother. Then, unfortunately, she had to return to foster care when she was 6-year-old.

She always felt scared, not knowing what to expect from new families. Loralie also didn’t know whether she would be adequately fed by her new family. She always used to wonder whether anybody was waiting to accept her.

Lady Luck favored the little girl when she met Zoe Henry, a 2nd-grade teacher. She had taught Loralie in the past. Zoe was from La Verne, California, and was a single mother. She never considered adopting another child until she met Loralie.

When Zoe met Loralie for the first time, she knew that the little girl was special. She never had double thoughts about adopting Loralie as her daughter. Zoe was always worried that somebody else might adopt Loralie and take her from Zoe. Finally, she confirmed from an adoption agency that she could adopt Loralie.

Zoe completed the paperwork two days later and took Loralie home with her. Finally, Loralie felt as if she had received her birthday present. At last, the little girl got a permanent home and a loving mother. Thus, she was no more worried about her future.

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1,445 days in foster care; Girl finally adopted by 2nd-grade teacher