Foster mom makes designer garments for disabled kitten

Adorable cat and dog

One fine day, Liz received a text message from one of her neighbors stating a kitten with a bum leg amidst the bushes. The kitty was meowing continuously and refused to come out.


Liz named the kitten Huckleberry. The poor animal was very tiny and skinny when Liz and her neighbor noticed her. Huckleberry looked very scared, and Liz wanted to help her. So she gave some pieces of Tuna to the kitty to lure her out of the bushes.

After getting Huckleberry in the car, Liz took her to a vet, who said that the front right leg of the kitten needed amputation. The kitten was dragging her front leg all the time. So Liz made a special section in her bedroom drawer for Huckleberry. She also put up a gate between her bedroom and the bathroom.

Adorable cat and dog

Liz was especially scared of how Luca, her Labrador, would react. He always used to get excited when he saw kitties. However, after a few days, Luca became friends with Huckleberry. The two would play together, sleep together, and stay together all the time.

Huckleberry soon had her surgery. After the surgery, the two pets got very close to each other. The kitten was given a plastic flail to put around her head. However, she didn’t like it at all. So Liz made her a turtleneck out of a piece of a glove.


Later, Liz crafted a sweater vest for Huckleberry out of her slippers. She always used to behave like a dog. This made it clear that she was being raised by a dog. She loved to do everything that Luca did.

Huckleberry loved being out, playing fetch with a hair tie, and she loved to hunt leaves that blew by. The kitten also loved to play in the laundry basket. She made Liz laugh every day and was an actual miracle cat.

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