Foster Parents Were Determined They Would Never Split-up Siblings, No Matter How Many…

Although they already had five children of their own, Christopher and Christina Sanders not only decided to become foster parents but made a little deal with each other. One, they would never split up siblings. And two, they would never just punt a group of siblings along to another home; shuffling them from house to house just wouldn’t be a good thing, no matter how large the group might be.

Well, a deal’s a deal, even when six siblings in need arrive at your doorstep! And so Chloe, Carson, Cayley, Caleb, Christian, and Coby, ranging in age from 9 to 16, were welcomed into the Sanders home. Everyone got along really well, so Christopher and Christian Sanders took things to the next level and applied to adopt all six of them!

There were hardly enough seats in the Cincinnati-area courtroom to hold the friends, relatives, and well-wishers and, of course, all eleven kids. 13-year-old Caleb told judge Winkler, “We were having a rough life” and he nodded after the Adoption Court judge asked, “And you fell like you’re in a safe place now?” Once the formalities were complete, the courtroom erupted in applause when the judge made the adoption official.

For all the sibling rivalry you might imagine, the Sanders’ five biological children haven’t minded being outnumbered by the new arrivals. As Caitlin said of her new sister Chloe, “She’s the sweetest sister ever and I love her so much.” An interesting aspect of the story is that it’s far more obvious than usual that some of the children are adopted: the original Sanders family is black while their six new children are white. But as Christopher Sanders aptly put it, “We’re all the same in God’s eyes, so the color of anyone’s skin has never had a bearing on any of this.”

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