Foster parents install dog-camera to help deaf mama dog with babies

Maggie & Adam had joined several foster programs and waited about 4 months to get the call they needed. The call happened to be for a pregnant mama dog, Noodles. As soon as the shelter told them about the dog, they totally agreed to it. But unfortunately, the shelter returned to them with a response that the dog they were going to foster had given birth to a litter of puppies.

Maggie read books about dog pregnancy, dog birth, and the best ways to acclimate a new dog into a new home. The information came in very handy. The dog mama arrived at her new home and adjusted to her new life with her puppies. This was when the foster mom realized that her dog was probably deaf. She could not hear the puppies and often laid on them.

If the puppies could not latch onto their mom’s nipples, she had no way of knowing that the little ones were in distress. So, the foster parents decided to set up dog cameras to survey the situation. Then, if needed, they would occasionally move the puppies and adjust the little ones. It took a while, but they started incorporating hand signals when the foster parents realized she was deaf.

The couple gave the new mama all the space she needed. They wanted to make sure that she was comfortable. Maggie and Adam weren’t sure if Noodles had ever had human love. However, it did not seem like she ever did. After Noodles saw her foster parents with her puppies, she trusted them a lot.

After 18 days of her stay with them, she finally hopped onto Maggie’s lap without hesitation. This was the best gift her foster dog could have given them. Maggie cried for almost an hour after this as she was pleased. After she came out of her shell, the foster parents started doing the average dog training. Then, finally, they were comfortable with each other.

Whenever the dog saw her foster parents, she would just start to wag her tails. Her puppies were well-adjusted, happy dogs. The couple had decided to keep Noodles with them forever, but Adam’s mom bonded well with her.

Noodles started to sleep with her at night. Without any hesitation, the couple started adopting a puppy. Still, they really felt a strong draw towards Willie for some reason. He was the noisiest & the most challenging dog in the bunch. The couple just could not resist the charms of this adorable puppy. So they went on to adopt Noodles and Willie together.

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