They Found Some Abandoned Babies In The Middle Of The Woods. What They Do Next? INCREDIBLE!

This couple was out for a walk in the woods at Spring Creek Park in NW Houston, TX, but they weren’t expecting to come back home with new family members. They discovered four abandoned little kittens in the middle of nowhere on their stroll and they decided to be their foster parents.

The tiny felines were emaciated and undernourished. They were all covered in fleas. Unlike some animals that shy away from human contact, these felines came up to the couple instead! Maybe they could sense that this couple was going to help them. They managed to get them to follow them out of the woods so they could take them home.

In the car, the kittens were wrapped up and immediately fell asleep in the warm, comfy car in the woman’s lap. One of them is white with blue eyes and the other three are grey. They were all very thin and hungry, so the couple’s first plan is the feed them. They gave each of them a bowl of water and they lined up to drink for a long time. So cute.

Next it was feeding time and boy did they eat! Then each one got a bath under the faucet. With no mom to help clean them, they had to be bathed. We are glad that these kind people gave them a second chance at life. All the kittens were placed in forever homes shortly after the couple found them.

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