He Found an Abandoned Pup Without Legs. Now She’s On Her Own Wheels! The Way She Reacts Is ADORABLE!

It’s really heartbreaking to see so many animals abandoned in the world right? There are several groups and individuals that do their best to save, at least a few of these forsaken creatures from their fate, and fortunately their efforts haven’t been fruitful!

One fateful day Jene noticed a cardboard box on the sidewalk. He noticed that several people walked by,  maybe took a look inside,  however, all of them continued on their way. Jene’s curiosity got the best of him and he decided to find out what was inside the mysterious box. Inside he found a precious Chihuahua puppy that was very nervous and upon closer examination, he saw that the little pup did not have front legs. Quickly, Jene decided to take her to the San Franciso SPCA. Under the watchful are, the little Chihuahua got a new start in life, complete with a set of wheels to help her run!

Watch Daffodil prance around happily with her tiny wheels! Our hearts melted; let us know if yours did as well in the comment section below!

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