When They Found This Cat, She Was Almost Dead, But Look At Her Now

On the streets of Istanbul, you can see many stray cats, some in better condition than others, and some even get adopted by the kind people who feed them. But this is the story of a little cat that no one found and no one cared for, until one day her luck changed and she decided to fight for her life. She was just a kitten, malnourished and in terrible condition. She was nearly eaten alive by worms when these nice people found her. One of her ears, her lips and more than half of her tongue were eaten off. Even the staff at Istanbul Vet was shocked to see her in that state. But, when they began treating her and she realized they were there to help, her fighting nature came out and she decided to live.

When I first saw the picture of this cat, I was so shocked. I cannot imagine a kitten surviving in this kind of terrible condition. But as it seems, this cat had a will to live. And when I saw her transformation, my eyes were filled with tears. With medical care and love, her wounds began to heal, she began to grow, and now, other than the missing ear, no one could imagine that she had been through such trauma because she is healthy and beautiful.

I felt so relieved when I saw this cat’s transformation. She altered the definition of beauty. She is a survivor. Watch this heart-warming story of ‘smiles’ and let us know how you felt watching this. Let us know what you think in the comments. We’d love to hear from you!

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