He Found A Cat On The Freezing Cold Outside. But When He Noticed His Paw? WHOA!

This animal rescue story is unlike any other that we have shared with you today. It was a freezing day outside, with temperatures dropping below zero, and the cold could be felt through the bone. The person who uploaded the following video, YouTube user familytime, woke up in the morning and went to his front door to check out how the day was outside.

What he found right outside of his door will leave you frozen on your seat. He saw a helpless cat who was just lying on his porch, completely still, as if he was frozen solid. It certainly looked like the cat had already passed away, because it seemed like the kitty had been lying there for hours already. But when noticed that the cat twitched his paw a little bit, he decided that there was still much to be done.

Knowing that giving the cat immediate attention could be the key to saving his life, he got his hands on the job himself and prepared a warm tub of water for the cat to recover. She slowly recovered her life and energy, and after getting better and checked up at the veterinary doctor, the man decided to keep the cat, naming her Elsa, after Disney’s “Frozen” princess. How perfect!

You can watch the full story for yourself right below.

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