When They Found This Dog, She Was On The Verge Of Death. But Don’t Miss Her Shocking Transformation!

Sometimes, stories are impossible not to share. This is one of the most heartbreaking videos we have ever shared here, but the ending makes it all worth it. It features a rescue by the helpful organization Rescue From The Heart, and it’s one of the most gruesome cases they’ve ever seen. A dog named Angel was suffering from extreme neglect and abuse, and she had been starved almost to the point of death by the time the video was recorded. If the rescue had happened days later, who knows what might’ve happened!

When you see her at first, it looks like a bunch of skin and bone with almost no will to live on. This images can be strong for certain audiences. But the helpful organization did not falter, they were decided to pull off a miracle if it was necessary to save her. They couldn’t feed her too much at once, because that would’ve hurt her badly as well. Little by little, she started to recover and gain weight again, and by the ending of the video, she’s almost unrecognizable from the beginning. Stories like these always fill me with joy!

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