He Found A Horse And Her Foal Dying In The Snow — Then Does The Most Amazing Thing

Back in 2013, a horse mom Macy was found with her baby Loca abandoned in a completely frozen field. They were at extremely low temperatures, and they were both emaciated and completely fatigued. In the touching video below, you can see how the horses were so tired and helpless they were just lying on the snow and waiting for their death, already given up. But they were saved thanks to a very kind animal organization.

The World Horse Welfare team that arrived on the scene just in time was able to take them to the emergency medical care that they needed. After they saved their lives, both Macy and Loca were taken to the Hall Farm Rescue and Rehoming Centre to continue their rehabilitation and treatment. They had already helped them at the hospital, yes, but there was still much to be done for their recovery.

The following clip will show you how Macy transformed physically and psychologically in the most amazing way. I was stunned by the beauty that had been taken away by the harsh conditions; I can’t believe someone would abandon a horse like this one. I’m thankful that there are videos like this one that show that there’s people out there looking out for animals in need.

Watch this incredible rescue for yourself down below.

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