She Found A Troubled Horse On The Side Of A Road, And You Must Watch This Incredible Rescue

When people see a horse, many time the word ‘majestic’ comes to mind. Their noble stature and character makes them incredible animals to watch when they run wild, or even just in the fields. They have a unique chemistry and bond with humans that has been recorded in history. You will be moved by this amazing rescue story.

Kelsey Allonge and her mom were headed a swap meet one early morning, unaware of what adventure awaited them when they decided to take a different route than they normally did. There was some amazing and unusual in their way.

Kelsey saw a horse that appeared to be sick on the side of the road. The horses name was Sunny, but she wasn’t shining that day. She was starving and had run away from her previous home because she was being abused and neglected. She was headed towards death’s door and Kelsey knew she had to help her. It was Sunny’s lucky day.

The walk back to Kelsey’s house turned out to be nine long miles that day, but she had no choice. It was Sunny’s only chance to survive and get the medical treatment she needed and deserved.

Fortunately for everyone involved, this story has a happy ending for everyone involved. Sunny lived up to her name and survived not only the long walk home with Kelsey, but much more. You haven’t heard the best part of the story. Be sure to watch and share this story with your friends and family!

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