Four chair turn as thunderstorm artist sings ‘Skinny Love’ – The Voice Blind auditions 2020

Bon Iver’s ‘Skinny Love’ has never sounded so soulful. Cami Clune is a 20-year-old amateur singer that knows how to woo a crowd.

Kelly Clarkson was the first person to turn her chair for Cami Clune. Little did the crowd know that she also blocked fellow coach Blake Shelton – Clarkson knew she had a winner with Cami Clune.

Clune is young, but her voice has the power of someone twice her age. While singing the memorable ‘Skinny Love’, the remaining three judges turned around. Unfortunately for Blake, Clarkson already had her eye on the prize.

The Voice is often full of contestants that play it safe with well-known songs. ‘Skinny Love’ does not fall into that category, and is considered one of the hardest songs to get right in a competition.

Cami Clune crushed it from the start and earned the respect of all four judges. Based on her epic performance, Clune is the definition of a game-changer for any coach.

The Buffalo, NY native went with team Legend. It was a fitting move for her voice type and may tap into something great by the competition’s end.

Four chair turn as thunderstorm artist sings \'Skinny Love\' - The Voice Blind auditions 2020