Four Cousins Nail Catchy Bluegrass Hit From Hank Williams

Four cousins on four different instruments come together for a brilliant performance of “I Saw The Light” by Hank Williams. A guitar, two banjos, and bass create some of the best bluegrass music heard in this addictively catchy version of the classic hit.

Between the bouncing bass and the incredible instrumental performances overall, this is the ideal example of bluegrass at its best. What could be better than two fiddlers backed by bass and a guitar, playing a track that we all know and love? This family sure knows how to put on a show, delivering a flawless performance that’s sure to brighten your day.

This family proves their musical affinity and knack for rhythm with a rendition of the Hank Williams bluegrass hit “I Saw The Light.” Their spirited performance can’t be faulted, with upbeat energy being seen in their performance and felt in their addictive music. Now that’s how you have fun with an instrument.