Four Olympic gold medalists stand proudly. When third in race breaks down crying? Touching.

The Olympics always seem to bring us together. The messages of peace and unification to set aside differences and find out who has the best competitors. The competitors train gruelingly, working sometimes 16 hours a day. Some of these symbols of evolution and determination have been training exhaustingly since they were only FIVE years old. Wow. That is insanely intense.

Swimming hasn’t always gotten as much attention as it holds today. We have the gargantuan phenomenon Michael Phelps, to thank for that. The staggering TWENTY-EIGHT-time gold medal champion blows most away. It’s hard to be unamazed when seeing Phelps glide graciously through the water, as if he had just evolved from a fish. The tall and muscular Olympic champ had quite the reaction to one medal ceremony, where his partners in relay assisted his victory.

With the assistance of Nathan Adrian, Caaeleb Dressel and Ryan Held, they went on to win the 4×100-meter freestyle relay in the swimming portion of the Olympics. Nathan Adrian a long-time competitor, was ecstatic to represent the US. When both newcomers were first aske, they were overjoyed and jumped at the opportunity. They never thought they would win gold. It was an emotional moment for all. The two newcomers were elated to be a part of such a warm and fierce team.

The awards ceremony was amazing for these four Olympic swimmers. Emotions ran high as the national anthem began playing in the background. They all covered their hearts and stood staring at the flag, the symbol of state and country. Ryan Held however, did not cover his heart. His hand, covered his face to hide the most touching and basic of all human emotions.

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