Four Pre-School Boys Put Up The Cutest Show Ever

Small children at a show are the most delightful things to watch. They are bursting with confidence, energy, and their performances are cute, funny, and highly adorable. In California, at a school called Artek Child Education Center, four preschoolers are selected to perform a special show on stage.

Four small boys dressed in black vests over a white shirt, black trousers, and black bow ties, complete with black hats and shiny black shoes, come on the stage equipped with four chairs. The boys enter one by one, slap their thighs, and sit on their chairs. When all four are on stage, they start their routine by hitting their things to the beat, crossing one leg, then the other.

The boys then get off their seats, go behind their chairs and tap their feet. They then come back around and sit with their backs facing the audience. They do a variety of cute stunts. Finally, they then jump off their chairs one-by-one, spin their chairs, and sit with their chest to the back of the chair facing the audience. They finish their routine, and the audience cheers for them.