Four-week-old kitten roams around her room. Wait until you see what she climbs into!

Is there anything better in life than watching a kitten play? Aside from playing with your already grown cat? I didn’t just type that because my two cats are sitting nearby. They may act like they can’t read… but I know that they can. Seriously, though, the endearing awkwardness when they are still figuring out how to use all their limbs makes for some great viewing. Like this kitten named Marshmallow.

Marshmallow had a rough start to her life, though. She was very underweight when she was born and there were some questions if she was going to pull through. As you can see, though, she’s doing quite well as she roams around the place, exploring everything around her. Pardon the pun, but she’s starting to grab life by the tail. We’re so lucky to be seeing all this adorableness on here.

One of the most mind-bending parts of the video is when she walks next to what looks like a giant shoe. The proportions were hurting my brain. It’s actually a cat bed, but for a little bit, I was expecting to hear the giant from “Jack and the Beanstalk” rumble, “FE FI FO FUM!” in the background. It would need a REALLY big foot. She loves climbing around it though, and has no fear.

This video is from 2012, so she’s around five now. She’s probably much large and is enjoying life. I’m sure that her mommy and daddy like to look back at this video and remember when she was so tiny and trying to gain weight. She’s probably as indomitable now a she was then. We love our cats no matter what age they are – I’m dealing with a cat getting into his senior years now – but there’s just something so awesome about kittens.

Wasn’t that so much fun to watch her roam around? What’s your favorite kitten memory? Head on down to the comments section and let us know! Also, please “Like” us on Facebook.