Four women from different generations sit down. I couldn’t believe what I saw.

Many people grow up with certain unique identifiers. The late singer David Bowie had two different colored eyes. So does current Major League Baseball pitcher Max Scherzer. Maybe that’s why he strikes so many batters out – the hitters are distracted. Others may have an additional finger – former pitcher Antonio Alfonseca had six on each hand. He also had six toes on each foot. Then there are the four women that we see in this video.

The members of this family have a unique trait that spans four generations – a shock of white hair, caused by something called poliosis. There might be more, but the great-grandmother was adopted. It’s harmless to their health, but it can draw a lot of attention. People tend to notice things that fall outside of their normal parameters of what they think someone’s hair should look like. This is one of those times.

Sadly, kids can be very cruel to each other. This family has a unique trait and they got poked fun at when they were in school. Elementary education is a very important time for a child’s psyche, since their classmates’ opinion can weigh heavily on them. Even though their parents may tell them to ignore anyone who makes fun of them, those parents are not sitting in the classroom with them. This family just pushed through it all.

Anybody who is a comic book fan, especially of the X-Men, would think that this is cool. Brianna could tell MillAnna that she looks like the character Rogue. Who knows, maybe years from now she could portray her in an X-men movie. That would be one of the few times that no Hollywood special effects or makeup would be needed. I would watch that movie in a heartbeat.

Isn’t this cool? It makes them stand out and we need that in a world that can feel very cookie-cutter-like. What do you think? Please leave your thoughts below in the comments section!