Four year old calls 9-1-1 for help. His reason had us all rolling on the floor laughing!

Kids really do say the darndest things! Their innocent minds take us all literally at our word. So when this child’s mother told him that he could use the phone to call somebody for help, she meant in terms of emergencies.

But the child literally took her at her word. This is what happened.


Yeah, he had a few problems that he couldn’t solve and he needed help. Who did he turn to? This four year old called 911 for help with his math homework because that’s who he thought his mom said to call!

Watch the video to listen to the hilarious exchange between the emergency responder and the child. I’m sure this conversation entertained everyone there! The best part is how the operator tries to help the kid and keeps talking to him even though there is no emergency.

Usually operators tend to tell the person to hang up if it is not an emergency, but this kind person patiently humoured the child until the child’s mother showed up. Oh, let me not spoil the ending for you – Watch the video for yourself.

This video definitely made my day – in fact, I’m still laughing about it! Has your child ever done anything like this? Write in with your stories in the section below and don’t forget to SHARE – everyone needs a laugh or two!