Shy fox now greets her favorite person with foxy nose bumps

One day, Dora Nightingale, founder of Fox Guardians, met a beautiful and shy fox in her backyard. The little fox was indeed very shy and timid. Her big brown eyes really stood out. She was tiptoeing, one step forward and two steps back, and she was unsure of how to react.

Nightingale lived in England, and she met the wild fox in her backyard. The little one immediately captured her heart. Nightingale had known the fox since she was a cub.

The wild animal grew up in the neighborhood, and she was now around three years old. The kind woman named the fox, Faith. The bond between Nightingale and Faith was solid.

She would come to meet her friend in her backyard. Sometimes, when the wild fox was very sleepy and relaxed, she would just curl up next to her favorite human and sleep. However, sometimes she was very alive and playful.

On those days, she would sniff all around the place and become adventurous. The fox had a very unique way of greeting Nightingale. She had a very peculiar style of greeting with a foxy nose bump.

The first time when she greeted Nightingale, she was amazed by what her animal friend did. She thought that it was a fantastic thing. She had always wanted to stroke her when Faith did that, but the kind woman knew it was wrong. Nightingale knew her friend lived in the wild, and she wanted her to remain wild and free. She did not wish Faith to get too familiar with her and have a lot of human interaction.

The reason was straightforward: she did not want the fox to become too tame and start to trust other humans blindly. The interaction between Faith and Nightingale was totally on the former’s terms. She never called out to her with food or petted her. It was always Faith who came up to her human and decided to interact. Faith had completely changed Nightingale’s life, and she was her window into the wild and beautiful world of nature.

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Shy fox now greets her favorite person with foxy nose bumps