This Fox Lives In An Abandoned Russian Village. What He Does Here Amazes Me.

Encountering a wild animal is always one for initial hesitation. You don’t know if it’s really friendly or if it’s trying to lure you closer for an attack. Their first instinct is to continue their survival, so making a meal out of you might be on its menu. That must have been the first thought of this group of people who were visiting the site of the Chernobyl reactor when they saw this wild fox ambling their way.

A group of people visiting the area find this wolf and start giving him pieces of meat and bread. He’s far from being timid around them. It’s almost like he welcomes their company. Eventually, he stacks them up into the most recognizable of meals: A sandwich. He makes several of them and then carries them off into the forest to eat later or to give to members of his family. This is one clever fox, indeed.

The site of the Chernobyl reactor is largely abandoned, though there are some signs of human life around the area. People have returned to the area despite the warnings about the leaking radiation. Then again, the real area of concern is just in close proximity of the failed nuclear reactor. A lot of wildlife has thrived… including this fellow.

The real message here is that life can go on nearly anywhere. It’s like that TV show about what would happen to Earth if humanity just disappeared. This seems like a true case study of the effects. The fox is doing just fine, though he does seem a little lonely. Perhaps he instinctively knows that there should be a lot more people than just this small group. The sandwich-making… perhaps he just coincidentally stacked them like that, but it was cool to see.

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