Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin sing and poke fun for 8 enchanting minutes

Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin

Duets in pop music are always a welcome occurrence. It is wonderful to see two stars team up to deliver a great tune. Two legendary singers, Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra sang an incredible 8-minute medley together.

Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin

The guys walk out together wearing tuxedos and bow ties, and the crowd applauds them before they even sing. They start the medley with ‘Love is Just Around the Corner’ followed by ‘My Kind of Girl.’

Dean sings the lyrics, ‘She walks like an angel walks.’ Frank asks, ‘What else does she do?’ The crowd laughs at the banter. Dean sings, ‘And she talks,’ Frank says, ‘Like a what?’ Dean continues, ‘Like an angel talks.’

Frank Sinatra

Frank and Dean laugh throughout, and you can see their great friendship. They both snap and sway a lot and dance for comedy. They switch to ‘But it’s Beautiful’ Frank starts to walk, and Dean walks with him, and in the middle of Frank singing, Dean comically asks, ‘Where we going?’ Frank laughs and says, ‘For a little walk,’ and the crowd laughs along.

Dean does a few failed tap dance moves, and Frank jumps up to Dean like a little girl. Dean hugs Frank from the back in a funny way. They begin to sing ‘LOVE,’ and they straighten their bow ties and begin to clap very loud. They follow that song with ‘I Get a Kick Out of You.’

Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin

Frank says, ‘My story is much too sad to be told.’ Dean quips, ‘And I don’t want to listen to it.’ Then, Frank continues and says, ‘You gotta listen. The door’s locked.’ Frank sings louder, and Dean tells him to be quiet because a person is sleeping back there. Dean begins to dance goofy, flailing his arms. They transition into ‘Goody, Goody.’

They sing while making mocking faces toward each other. They close the fantastic medley with ‘Guys and Dolls.’ They hold out the last note, Frank falls into Dean’s arms, and the crowd applauds wildly.

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