Frank Sinatra Takes Stage For Television Show With Ella Fitzgerald. His Singing Is AMAZING!

When it came to singing voices, Frank Sinatra had one of the all-time great ones. He had nearly no peers when he was at the top of his game, hence his Chairman of the Board nickname. Seeing him perform was a treat for people who grew up during the 1940’s all the way up to his last performance. Need an example? Just check out this video here.

Sinatra is on stage with Ella Fitzgerald and he launches “At Long Last Love”, where he proceeds to mesmerize the audience with his performance. In another video, he seemed a little more stiff, but here, he’s having a ball, knowing that the audience is watching his every more. While he’s not a schmoozer like Dean Martin, he’s more open. The music is fantastic and the song whizzes by, ending way too soon.

Here he seems a little more at ease with himself. While he does seem to be largely concentrating on the lyrics, he’s swaying around to the beat at times. I know that jazz is a little more formal… it’s not like we’re looking for him to do splits like James Brown did, but he’s having fun here. At the end, he even does a fake ballet pirouette, which amuses everyone. When the Chairman of the Board is happy, everyone’s happy.

The original writer of the song was Cole Porter and it was covered at different times by Sinatra, Lena Horne, and Ella Fitzgerald. That’s impressive – three musical legends singing a song you wrote. Then again, Porter was a legend himself. Frank did an excellent job with this song, putting his pipes to really good use to hit some great notes. Porter would have been proud to hear it.

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