Frank Sinatra Warbles Tune From 1940s. The Music Of That Era Sounded SO Different!

Every decade’s music has a distinct sound. You can hear something and be able to determine that it’s from that particular time. The 1990’s had grunge, for example. The ‘80’s was largely synth-heavy. The ‘70s were disco. Then there’s this smooth music from the 1940s. It’s one that let the music be in the background and the singer move to the forefront. It helps when the singer is a legend like this guy.

This Frank Sinatra song, “There are such things” is an oldie but a goodie, as they say. It’s from 1942, well before rock and roll took over the musical landscape. Frank is singing along with the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra. Sinatra would sing this at dinner theaters where people would sit and eat while watching him perform. Jazz tends to be in a more intimate setting.

There are still a sizeable amount of people who are alive and remember listening to this music. If someone was born in ’40, they would be a mere babe of 77 now. This music must bring back so many memories for them. Then again, every generation tends to hate the music of the younger generations. I grew up during the 1980’s and I find myself shaking my head at what’s produced now… oh man, I’m starting to get old, aren’t I?

Many other people have covered this song. Admittedly, they are probably names that the people who grew up during that era would recognize. Ol’ Blue Eyes did the best version of it, though. There was only one Chairman of the Board, and no one could ever come close to imitating him.

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