Frankie Valli performs must-hear orchestra version of ‘My Eyes Adored You’ (1975)

Classic performances from legendary singers are always interesting to see. Watching a star in their prime is terrific. When it comes to singers, there are few bigger than Frankie Valli.

Frankie Valli

In his 1975 performance on the BBC’s show ‘Lulu,’ Frankie sings his hit ‘My Eyes Adored You.’ He is dressed in an all-white suit with embroidered sequined flowers. His flared collar on the satin pink shirt is complete with exposed 70s chest hair!

Frankie sings, accompanied by a full orchestra. The conductor looks up to Frankie to receive his next cue. The music is a classic 70s vibe with solid bass and drum grooves.

Frankie Valli

His unique tenor voice soars on the song’s bridge, adding emotion to the performance. When the song closes, Frankie hits one final note with his one arm raised straight up in the air as he holds it out.

Frankie is famous for fronting the ‘Four Seasons’ and scoring 29 Top 40 hits. His hits kept coming during his solo career too. Frankie’s iconic falsetto singing was so recognizable that the ‘Four Seasons’ were a standout group in the 60s.

Frankie Valli

‘My Eyes Adored You’ was initially written for the ‘Four Seasons’ in 1974. However, the record label didn’t want to release it, so they sold it to Frankie Valli for $4,000. The song became his first solo number 1 hit.

Frankie’s chart-topping career spanned decades, and his group, the ‘Four Seasons’ even landed their own musical ‘Jersey Boys.’ Frankie Valli was an incredible performer with one of the most memorable voices in pop history.

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Frankie Valli performs must-hear orchestra version of \'My Eyes Adored You\' (1975)