Frantic mewing from the crawlspace inspires clever rescue method

We all make mistakes. Sometimes we do something that seems like a good idea at first but we soon discover it was a terrible blunder. This can also be part of the learning process — after all, the only thing worse than a mistake is not learning from it. We humans can at least read textbooks and hope to learn from other people’s mistakes. Kittens, on the other paw, mostly have to learn by doing.

Winston Young heard frantic mewing coming from a crawlspace under the house and when he got a look inside, sure enough, there was a pair of tiny cat eyes staring back at him. The space was cramped enough that there was really no way he was going to be able to wriggle in there and rescue the unfortunate kitten. He and a friend did some brainstorming and came up with a simple but effective kitten rescue device: they connected four lengths of yarn to a mesh bag and put some food inside as bait.

It did the trick! With his friend holding a flashlight, Winston was able to get the kitten close enough to the crawlspace opening that he could grab the little furball and lift him out to safety. Mama cat, a stunningly gorgeous tabby, at first took a “where have you been” attitude to her kitten but was soon licking him clean and then lying down on her side so he could have some milk. You won’t want to miss the video we’ve posted below!

There was still some work to be done and this time it was mom’s turn. Awhile later, she made her way into the crawlspace and, one by one, brought three more kittens out!

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