McDonald’s is giving away free fries for the rest of the year — but there’s a catch

Ah, beloved crispy, golden, salty French fries. Pure bliss. I admit I’m getting a little hungry just thinking about them. I bet you are, too.

Our friends across the pond call them “chips” as in “fish and chips” — a classic tasty combination. Here in the USA, we like ’em with our hamburgers and with our steaks (steak fries anyone?) Those delicious golden, crispy, yummy fries.

Yes, I am a French fry lover and I am proud of it. I love them all: Curly fries, cheese, fries, chili fries, Waffle fries, shoestring fries, garlic fries, lemon-pepper fries, crispy cut fries, home fries, heck… let’s add hash browns to that list, too, if you can do them the way my mama used to.

Now French fry lovers are in luck because McDonald’s is giving away free french fries for the remainder of 2018. These aren’t child portion sizes either. McDonald’s is being incredibly generous and there’s practically no catch like most “freebies”. In fact, it’s quite reasonable and easy to do.

Just download the free McDonald’s app to your phone or tablet. It’s simple. Go to the App Store on your iPhone or iPad. If you have an Android phone, then you want to go to the “Play Store”. Then click on the search icon (the little magnifying glass) and type in “McDonald’s”. Download the app.

There’s one more step. Just spend $1 the next time you’re at McDonald’s. It can even be just a drink or a cup of coffee. It doesn’t matter, you just need to spend $1 to qualify (I suppose this helps McDonald’s “qualify” people and limit abuse to some degree, but still — $1 for free fries every Friday for the rest of 2018 is a heck of a deal.

So French fry lovers rejoice. This is the moment you were born for! Boomark this page ad share it with your friends, then go download McD’s app and get onboard the free fries train. Of course if you’e in your pajamas like me and you’ve got a few potatoes in the pantry, you could also make your own McDonald’s fries. I did! Just watch the video below.

One word of warning: You WILL receive many compliments. You may need to invest in a set of earplugs or the compliments may drive you crazy.  Word of advice? Make a lot. You won’t be sorry.