Free-Spirited Baby Elephant Loves Her Day At The Spa

Khanyisa, an orphaned albino elephant, and her handler take a stroll down to the dam. Khanyisa takes her trunk and grabs the handler by the hand. The close-up view of her fuzzy little trunk is about the cutest thing I have ever seen.

She wanders away and strolls through the grass surrounding the dam before she decides to jump on in! She flaps her ears wildly as she splashes around, smacking at the water with her trunk. Suddenly, she plops down and begins rolling around.

Covered in mud, she climbs up the little hill and gets out of the water. She walks briskly around the edge before getting back in again, this time with the humans. Her ears beat back and forth as she frolics.

Khanyisa takes this dip in the water more seriously than the first one. She is splashing and submerging herself repeatedly. She is having the time of her life cooling off in the mud and splashing the people. The handlers splashback so they can help her cool off her back.