Free-Spirited Deer Herd Loves Snacking on Tasty Apples

It takes a lot of time and effort for wild animals to trust humans. Deer are naturally skittish creatures, but thanks to one man’s attempt, they’ve found a new friend to have lunch with.

There’s a protected forest in Ontario, Canadia, that prevents people from hunting or harming animals. It’s a massive land plot where wildlife can thrive without the fear or threat of any outside force.

A man took several trips out to the forest and sat quietly. He’d eat an apple and watch the beauty of nature around him. With enough patience and determination, he noticed the deer getting friendly and friendly each time.

Whether it was the smell of a crisp apple or the sound of a crunchy carrot, the deer couldn’t stay away. Now, these woodland cuties snack on delicious fruits and veggies straight out of the man’s hand. It looks like the hard work and patience paid off for precious moments like these.