Freed from chains, a wild horse says an unforgettable thank-you

Horses are marvelous creatures. Not only is it hard to imagine human civilization ever making much progress without them, but horses are amazing on their own terms: strong, graceful, intelligent, and surprisingly sensitive.

Unfortunately, not everyone treats horses with the kindness and respect they deserve. There are places in the world where joining a horse’s front or hind legs with chains is routine. The purpose of this awful practice is to make it harder for horses to escape — a horse that’s chained like this can shuffle along but not gallop. For a horse who’s been chained like this, it’s a living nightmare: not only are they deprived of the sheer joy of galloping and jumping, but the metal can rub skin raw, causing physical pain and suffering.

A veterinarian named Ovidiu Rosu was taking part in a project that seeks to protect and manage a unique population of wild horses in the Danube river delta. It’s a region on the Black Sea coast of Romania and is one of only a few large nature preserves that exist in Europe. It’s also home to the continent’s only wild horses. They’ve been there for hundreds of years, but the horse population went up a lot after 1990 when Romania’s communist-era collective farms went out of business.

Fortunately for one horse, Dr. Rosu saw the chains around its ankles and knew he had to do something about it. This was a wild horse, not a tame farm animal, so the first thing to do was to reach for a tranquilizer dart. Once the horse was sedated, Dr. Rosu was able to remove the chains and treat the area where the skin had been rubbed away. Just seeing a horse freed from its shackles would make anyone’s day, but just wait until you see how this horse said “thank you” before galloping away!

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