These Freed Elephants Did What After Freedom?

Freedom is something that everyone who isn’t free, wants. Those who are free, can sometimes only recognize how amazingly strong and awesome it is to be free, once they lose their freedom. It’s a slight paradox or catch-22. All people should be afforded the luxury of freedom. Sometimes, yes, we do have to work for freedom. Yet, it’s the moments where we find ourselves totally without a mediator, when you work a long day and breathe in the cold air of the morning, you realize how good life really is at the moment. Not many people get those moments.

This isn’t true only for us. I know that many species have those moments of pure bliss and joy that seem to overtake them as they get completely lost in the moment and enjoy the present for a change. It’s true of cats, dogs, and elephants. When it comes to being released into or out of an animal sanctuary, time seems to stop as you smell the roses. This can lead to some of the most amazingly uplifting and cathartic moments anyone can have.

To enjoy the freedom is to enjoy life and when you see how much these adorably playful elephants really seem to jump into the fun, you’ll be in awe with how enduringly uplifting the moment of peace really is. I know when I first witnessed this duo playing around after being released, the energy and smiles seemed to flow forever.

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