When He Frees This Lion From Its Cage, I Didn’t Expect Him To React THIS Way! Unbelievable!

Most of us think wild animals aren’t meant for love and care. After all, at the end they are wild and they thus have a huge probability of harming us. However, this video shows you something else. This video features a lion and Valentin Gruener, who raised him. This lion is a wild animal, but not when he’s around Valentin.

The bond Valentin shares with this adorable lion is truly adorable. These two are like a family. Valentin had raised this lion since its early days. Valentin is a part of a volunteer program called Modisa Wildlife Project in Africa. The project aims to help in restoring wildlife.

This amazing video shows Valentin freeing the lion from his cage. How the lion reacted when he tried to do so is incredibly heartwarming. The lion cannot wait for him to get the lock off the cage. When he finally gets the gate open, the lion runs to him and literally jumps into his arms. They hug each other like they have not seen each other for years.

Valentin holds the lion like a baby, and has to sit down because he is so heavy. When he sits down, the lion lays in his lap, cuddling like he’s a puppy, not a fierce, wild animal! It’s incredible to see the bond these two have.

Watch this video and tell us what you think about their friendship. Personally speaking, their love for each other touched my heart. We would love to have your thoughts on this incredible video so please let us know what you think in the comments!

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