French Bulldog Is Absolutely Terrified. Wait To See Why It Is …

Dogs are very protective animals. They will go to great lengths to protect their family. This includes his owners. Of anything comes up to their owners, they usually get very suspicious. Dogs are very intelligent and will make a judgment call whether they feel that the thing approaching poses any sort of threat to the owners. They are loyal by instinct.

Every single dog breed is unique and each dog has its very own personality. People make the mistake of judging a breed by one dog they encounter. This would be the same as assuming that all Americans act or respond the same way as one did to a particular incident. People may argue that people and animals are not the same. We are rational beings, so this personality issue does make sense with us. Dogs are also unique. I’ve had dogs of the same breed and I can tell you first hand that they act differently to the same thing.

There are few breeds that have personalities as big and adorable as the French bulldog. Their name may be called “French” Bulldogs, but they were actually bred from English Bulldogs. Their first ones were used to warm the laps of lacemakers. When lacemakers moved to France, they did so with their pups. This gave way to the change in name.

Take this French bulldog puppy. As all Bulldogs, he is fearless. When something “scary” goes into the house, his first response: act tough. As soon as he hears a frightening noise he is the first to head straight for the door! Just wait until you see what is scaring him so much.

French Bulldogs were designed to be great companions. They actually live up to that reputation quite well. They are very affectionate dogs. Another plus for some people is the fact that they don’t need to exercise that much. This is perfect when you don’t have a lot of space. They also get along very well with other dogs. They are not huge barkers, either! Can it get any better than that?

A lot of French bulldogs don’t realize how small they are. A similar trait shared with Chihuahuas. To them, everyone else is as big as they are. They don’t have anything to fear. This pup was no different. He has always been very brave. Always, until now that is. Suddenly, he began to be chased by something terrifying to him. Wait until you see what it is!