This French Bulldog Is Irresistible As He Sleeps

Animals sleeping are the perfect recipe for an absolutely adorable video. It is proven by studies that watching short clips of animals being cute is a surefire way of releasing stress. This French bulldog is napping and you won’t believe how cute he is. You wouldn’t think watching an animal sleep would be that entertaining, but this guy is sure to please. Sit back and enjoy releasing a bit of stress in the form of this sweet ball of fur!

This adorable French bulldog pup has been caught napping! He’s sprawled out on his back arms wide having the nap of his life. His tiny little face is so cute you just want to squeeze his cheeks! Watch this little guy in action. I wonder what he is dreaming of that make him make all those cute little noises. I want to just cuddle him forever and watch him sleep!

All this French bulldog needed was his favorite stuffed teddy bear to fall soundly asleep, just like a baby or a toddler needs his favorite stuffed animal before he can sleep. And the best part is that the teddy bear is larger than the pup, but that’s okay because he will probably grow into it. Though to be fair it does look like the pup is sleeping in an almost sit-up like position, his back not being completely flat on the ground.

Please watch and share this amazingly cute with all your family and friends! It will surely help them de-stress.

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