This French Bulldog Just Won’t Go To Sleep And Just Can’t Stop Arguing With His Human About It

With a history of thousands of years of chemistry between human and animal, it comes as no surprise that dogs have earned the title of human’s best friend, especially since they are so friendly, fun, and most of all, loyal. The adorable French Bulldog in this video will definitely win your heart! Get ready to smile and say awww several times as you watch this video!

Pups are like little children who never want to grow up, and they seek attention and love constantly, just like them. They can be very messy when they argue, too. Just look at the video we brought to you today. In it, you will see a dog that acts more like a big baby, and it’s just adorable. He obviously knows exactly what his owner wants him to do, and he has clearly done it before, but this time, he just wants to play and doesn’t care about sleepy time.

Sometimes, children just don’t want to go to sleep, even if they have to. And just like a toddler, this cute French Bulldog pup just doesn’t care about bedtime. Instead, he starts complaining to his owner and throwing a big hissy fit when she wants to put him to bed. When you hear the cute little noises than he makes when he gets upset, you won’t be able to avoid making a whimper yourself. It just so cute! But in the end, mom gets her way and as it turns out, he was a sleepy little bulldog after all.

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