All this French guy wants is to become a magician. His magic is a must-see!

Magic has intrigued people since the beginning of time. Pharaohs had a group of people whose job was to entertain. Among their servants were magicians, people whose job was to fool their eyes and amaze them every day. People thought that it was real magic and not a form of art, so for many years, they were pursued accused of being witches.

This actually went on for quite a while, until changes in religion ended this persecution. A few years later, people started studying the way to fool the eye, and magic was reborn. Initially, people with these abilities were deemed as cheaters because they could win several games of cards with minimal effort on their part. This would cost the other participants a lot of money, so if they caught someone cheating, they would be in big trouble.

Soon, these magicians started to join circuses. These new forms of entertainment provided magicians with a safe way to present their acts without the risk of being harmed. At last, people appreciated the spectacle of magic and wanted more each day. Magicians started with simple card tricks where they would do things like guessing the participant’s card.

Magic started to evolve and seeing the same tricks repeatedly just wasn’t cutting it for the audience anymore. Magicians became more creative and their tricks got bigger. Now, they were starting to disappear animals in the middle of the tents and the famous act of “sawing the woman in half was born.” What made this trick so successful?

It was the fact that it played with our emotions. It was very good because trying to understand what they were seeing is what drew the crowds in the first place. People went from being amazed to being scared and then amazed again. Going from one emotion to another was very addictive for the audience. Very soon, people all over the world saw it and more tricks had to be invented.

Just like the tricks in the following video. These magicians certainly have something up their sleeves and these judges are going to see. The act is part magic, part technology and part sleight of hand. The minute you think you know how he’s doing it, the magician is going to do something else and up the ante a little more surprising you again! Get ready for magic and technology like you have never seen them before. Get ready for Tony the magician!