Freshman Surprised By Army Captain in Hiding After 9-Months Away

Ty Clemens hasn’t seen his father for a whole nine months but remains a fervent student and sportsman, not letting the time apart do anything but drive him. Father and military serviceman Captain Cody Lucas is a Signal Advisor within the 1st Security Forces Assistance Brigade hides, waiting for his freshman son to come off the field.

Cpt Lucas has spent ten years in the US Army and has undergone two tours – one in Korea and the other in Kabul, Afghanistan, from which he returns. This touching video shows Ty’s expression changing to pure joy as he sees his dad standing waiting on his way to the changing rooms in a must-see explosion of overflowing emotion. Both parties couldn’t be happier.

Signal Advisor and Captain Cody Lewis shows a heartfelt moment with his freshman and football player son, Ty Clemens, in a must-see clip that lets us all feel precisely where they’re at after so much time apart. Military reunions always have a special way of opening the heart and sharing togetherness, but nothing prepares you for the heartwarming experience shared by this dad surprising his son.