The Fridge Has Come A Long Way Over The Course Of Time. Check Out This Icebox From 1893!

An icebox is a compact non-mechanical refrigerator which was a common kitchen appliance before the development of safe powered refrigeration devices.

Iceboxes had hollow walls that were lined with tin or zinc and packed with various insulating materials such as cork, sawdust, straw or seaweed. A large block of ice was held in a tray or compartment near the top of the box. Cold air circulated down and around storage compartments in the lower section. Some finer models had spigots for draining ice water from a catch pan or holding tank. In cheaper models a drip pan was placed under the box and had to be emptied at least daily. The user had to replenish the melted ice, normally by obtaining new ice from an iceman.

It’s easy to take things for granted, like the ability to keep our food cool and preserved; but it wasn’t always that easy!

Before the invention of electricity and the refrigerator, people used what’s called an icebox. Usually made of wood, these iceboxes featured a special area for a giant block of ice, a drain for the water (once the ice melted), and a separate area for the food to be stored.

Check out the following clip from Pawn Stars to get a look at a McCray icebox from 1893. It really gives me a new appreciation for my fridge!

What do you think of the McCray icebox, is it something that you would be willing to use or do you prefer the modern fridge? Use the comments section below and share your thoughts. We’d love to hear from you!

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