This Friendly Squirrel Is Never Tired Of Playing With This Man. I Could Watch This All Day.

How many of you have tried to catch a squirrel and play with it? The “Chip and Dale” cartoon based on them may be one of your fondest childhood memories. Their tails especially are so fluffy and soft. I wish I was this man in the clip or that I owned such a cute and friendly pet. This man plays with this squirrel every day, although she is technically a wild animal. But she loves this human.

This little squirrel named Eleanore loves playing with her human! But beware, not all woodland creatures are so friendly! The way she plays with him is simply adorable. She even tries to climb on his hand and nibs his hand. This video is too cute and shows a special bond which the two of them share.

She loves to chase his hand as it dances around her on the fence. I’m surprised that she lets him play with her tail. Eleanore loves him so much, she even climbs up on his hand and on his arm. It’s so sweet how they play together, but obviously this relationship did not happen overnight. He allowed Eleanore to take time to feel safe with him while still allowing her to be a wild animal.

There is a Part 2 to this clip that shows Eleanore eating walnuts and she’s just adorable! What a great treat for this cute little squirrel.

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