A Friendly Wild Fox Is Given A Delicious Snack. But Wait To See What He Does With It!

Foxes are known for their wits and speed. They’re usually depicted as astute and sly characters in cartoons and films for children. We can see some clear proof of that in the video that we put for you down below! This fox is as clever as you could imagine. He lives in in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, in Ukraine, and he’s quite confident to approach people, unlike those living in more crowded zones like forests near towns. The area he lives in was evacuated after a nuclear plant had a terrible accident back in 1986.

In a similar way to the different animals who inhabited the Japanese nuclear plant after the accident in 2011, there are many who have come to live in Chernobyl after people left. It’s ironic how many animals can thrive thanks to the same disaster that drove people away.

Just wait to see what this cute fox does around halfway through the video! He starts eating the snack that the people gave to him, but then he does something quite unexpected. What a curious little fellow!

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