Friends thought he was making it up, so he filmed his dog’s hot tub session

If you’ve had a long day, a nice, relaxing session in a hot tub can be just the thing. It’s great for aching muscles and those powerful jets of water can also pound away mental stress. You probably think of hot tubs as being strictly for humans. After all, pets seldom have long days of the sort that require such intense relaxation. Well, there’s at least one dog who really savors his dips in the hot tub.

So meet Cuzzie. He’s an adorable puggle (a pug-beagle crossbreed) and he’s always loved the water. It began with splashing around in the family swimming pool, jumping on inflatables, and floating around happily in the water. Then he discovered the hot tub.

As you’ll see in the video posted below, Cuzzie has mastered the fine art of soaking in a hot tub. According to his human dad Danny Sam, “Cuzzie loves the jet in the hot tub against his back. He will hop in and press against the jet and croon his pleasure.” And he really does! It’s wonderful to see how happy this puggle is while he wiggles around to get the full effect of the bubbling water. The little noises he makes are downright hilarious. And this clip is just a minute-long outtake from a full five minute hot tub session!

If all this marks Cuzzie out as a bit eccentric, he’s crazy in a good way, enjoying life as he pleases. What’s truly crazy is that this adorable dog was nearly put to sleep. Thankfully, his new human mom rescued him just in time. He’s one of a number of dogs she’s saved over the years. Cuzzie has gone from desperate straits to living the life!

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