An amazing story of friendship between a Golden Retriever and a Dolphin

Golden Retriever and Dolphin

Animals from different species can still become friends with each other. This was proved by a Golden Retriever and a Dolphin. The two became friends at Clearwater Marine Aquarium (CMA) in Florida.

The Golden Retriever, Kevin, recently visited Clearwater Marine Aquarium in Florida, where he came across a Dolphin named Winter. Soon the two became best pals and started enjoying each other’s company.

Winter is a rescued dolphin and found its new home at the aquarium. Kevin visited CMA on a trip to explore the unique habitat of Winter. This also included exploring the visits to the aquarium and the other rescued dolphins.

Golden Retriever and Dolphin

Both Kevin and Winter had met on the internet for the first time. That was when the two realized that they shared the same interest in playing with rubber duckies.

Both Kevin and his owner were the first, apart from the aquarium staff, to see Winter’s new residence in the large aquarium. After receiving permission from Winter and CMA, Kevin went for a swim in the dolphin’s old home.

There was an animal specialist present all the time while Kevin swam around happily. Kevin spent quite some time with Winter and the two played with each other happily in the water.

Kevin also visited other animals who were at the Rufus Beach section of CMA. Two other rescued dolphins that stay with Winter are PJ and Hope. They also like to play with Winter.

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