Frightened street dog in a dramatic rescue – how they saved her is incredible

Street dogs live a tough life with nobody to care for them, constantly scavenging for food and living in a constant state of fear. If you’re on the streets in a big city, every noise can be terrifying, every vehicle potentially life-threatening, and every human is the enemy – especially if all you’ve ever known in your life is mistreatment.

Thankfully, for every person that abuses animals, there are many more kind-hearted souls ready to help them, and the awesome people at Hope for Paws are no exception. They specialize in locating stray dogs and street animals in the Los Angeles area, providing them with a kennel-free home until such times as they can find a new, loving family to adopt them. They’ve seen their fair share of frightened animals, but Clarabelle here was really terrified! This video will break your heart – but stick with it!

When the Hope for Paws team arrived on the scene, this scared golden retriever bolted from them to find refuge under a truck. She had been frightened of the loud noises in the surrounding construction sites and didn’t appreciate two humans approaching her either. What on earth must have happened in this poor animal’s life to make her so afraid?

Husband and wife team Eldad and Audrey Hagar have been getting their hands dirty saving street dogs with their non-profit organisation since 2008, and Hope for Paws was once again on hand to come to Clarabelle’s aid. Initially, she was so petrified of the two advancing humans that she cowered under a truck bed and covered her face with her paws! Her distress is heart-breaking, but keep watching, because it does have a wonderfully happy ending!

As Eldad closes in, he manages to put the safety collar over Clarabelle’s head, but the animal is still refusing to come. There’s only one thing for it – she needs to feel a kind human hand! Eldad crawls under the tight space and shimmies along to reach the stricken animal, and only when he’s tentatively given her nose a rub and her ears a scratch, does Clarabelle allow him to pull her to safety.

Once into the arms of some dedicated and loving humans, Clarabelle’s recovery is astounding, and after a good bath and feed, it’s amazing just how beautiful this once starving and filthy street pooch is! We’re sure her new family will give her the forever home she deserves! Don’t miss this tear-jerking video below!