From plastic couch covers to moon pies: A trip down memory lane

Looking back, you might remember some of the most minor things you can’t find around anymore. However, during those days, several things would stick with you literally. For instance, the plastic cover that protected the couch from the kids & would get very sticky during the summer or make cracking sounds during the winter. Either way, it was never comfortable.

The radio and our relationship with it were more interactive. Popular music is played on it, but sometimes you could call in to request a song. Some people even had their favorite radio station’s phone number memorized.

Televisions used to pick up the signal from the local TV stations & needed adjustable antennas to make this happen. If you ever had an analog TV with UHF & VHF knobs, you probably remember the rapid ears that sat on top.

As a kid or an adult, the best afternoon snack anyone could have had was RC Cola & a Moon Pie. In the 1950s, if your family took a vacation in the station wagon, you would remember pulling over on the side of the road just to eat lunch. Families even brought their food, table & chair with a cooler and would set it upright on the side of the road.

Many of you might remember spending your time riding bikes during the weekends and even the summer months. It might be a ride to your friend’s house or exploring the town. However, when the street lamps would switch on, it was a signal for everyone to head home.

A soft-serve ice cream at Dairy Queen or Dilly Bar was the best way to cool off during summer. In the 1950s and 1960s, gas stations were responsible for full-service attendance.

Some memories included defrosting the fridge, the reel-to-reel projector’s rhythmic movement during school days, or waiting in a long line to get a ticket to watch a blockbuster movie. Finally, two essential weddings were enjoyed worldwide. One was the marriage of Prince Charles & Lady Diana in July & the 2nd one was a soap marriage of Luke & Laura in General Hospital.

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From plastic couch covers to moon pies: A trip down memory lane