From Skeptic to Believer: A Woman’s Journey with Her First Cat

A woman never had cats until she got her first cat, named him Bruno, and decided she could not live without him. On the other hand, her boyfriend grew up with cats his whole life. His parents have six cats right now. They would often take in stray cats, adopt them, and give them a loving home. Her boyfriend suggested she get a cat.

They went to a shelter, and Bruno was the last of his litter to be there still. He ended up being the sweetest kitten ever. They adopted the adorable little guy. She takes care of him, and she even brushes his teeth. They show Bruno in a little bow tie, looking quite dapper. Her boyfriend told her not to expect the cat to want to cuddle with her because that is not how cats are.

However, Bruno loves cuddles and is like a furry baby. Everyone that meets him calls him baby Bruno. He has his little bed with his name on it. Bruno also loves cuddling with her boyfriend. Bruno taught the woman how to love cats. She says, “most people are like dog people, especially guys, so it is unique to see. It’s the cutest thing.”

She says, “It takes a different type of love and care to be a cat person.” Bruno likes to have his mom and dad with him at all times. He sleeps in between them. He wants to be with both of them and is very loving. He is also patient about his food and behaves like a little gentleman.

The woman got Bruno a harness and a leash, considering Bruno’s curiosity about the outside world. He loves to go out and explore nature. He loves going out for adventures, and his mom and dad love taking him. He also keeps her company during her zoom classes, and everyone says how cute Bruno is. He is a star. Bruno helped her through the most challenging times in her life. She truly loves him, and he is family.

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From Skeptic to Believer: A Woman\'s Journey with Her First Cat