From VHS to Floppy Disks: Everyday Objects That Have Become Obsolete

Many common everyday objects have come and gone over the years as times have changed. See if you remember using any of these popular things that have vanished from popular culture.

The payphone used to be a necessary item on every street. The coin-operated telephone disappeared after the advent of the cell phone. Another item that is rare these days is the vending machine. This glorious device would hold tasty snacks behind a glass case, ready whenever needed.

If you wanted to know what was on TV, you would’ve needed a ‘TV Guide’ up until 2008. Now, built-in TV menus and streaming have changed the game for viewers. The jukebox was an automated music-playing device operated by coins. Patrons would select their favorite song from the expansive list of tunes.

There used to be newspaper vending machines or racks that distributed the daily paper. You can still find them around, but they peaked in popularity in the 1990s. If you wanted to phone a friend, you would need a phone directory or book. The white pages listed everyone in your neighborhood by phone number, and the yellow pages featured business phone numbers.

The two-dollar bill is part of U.S. currency but is elusive. Our 3rd President Thomas Jefferson is featured on the bill, which is becoming increasingly rare. The typewriter is a mechanical machine for typing letters that uses keys and an ink ribbon. The word processor replaced it, followed by the computer.

Movies used to be shot on film and called motion pictures. Digital techniques replaced the reel-to-reel film of yesterday. Another item that seems rare is the fax machine. While they are still used to copy and send letters and forms, they are not needed as much due to computers.

The ‘Rolodex’ is a rotating card file device that stores contact information in the old days. Its name comes from combining ‘Rolling’ and ‘Index.’ It is featured as a popular business furniture item in the ‘Smithsonian Institute.’ Lastly, ‘Carbon paper’ was used to make copies simultaneously while writing or typing. All of these everyday objects have become obsolete in modern society.

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From VHS to Floppy Disks: Everyday Objects That Have Become Obsolete