Frosty mugs and summer nights at A&W

A&W holds the title of longest chain in America, with the first root beer stand opened in 1919.

Since 1919, A&W has served generations of families with delicious food, tasty treats, and their world-famous frosty mug of root beer. For over 100 years, they have been a mainstay in America.

Started in Lodi, CA as a roadside root beer stand, A&W quickly rose in popularity, with locations springing up across the United States. Folks came from all over to try the ice-cold root beer, perfect on a summer night.

At its peak, A&W became the go-to spot for teens looking for a fun hangout, a charming date location, or a family-friendly place to pull up the station wagon for a meal.

Food was brought to the cars by carhops and watching them come and go from the restaurant was part of the charm of this classic place.

Although it has lost some of its popularity along the way, A&W remains a perfect place to go for the best summer treat in town.

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